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Jesse Werner had the great misfortune of having very sensitive skin which made ingrown hair, razor burn and cuts, part of his daily shaving routine. So Jesse began a quest: Find a solution to his rough shave problem! He tried drugstore stuff, prescription creams, swanky department store fluff too. Alas, nothing seemed to work until one day he came across a rich European cream. Aha! Without the harsh chemicals found in many of the foams he’d previously tried, this seemed to do the trick and he proceeded to live happily ever after.

Until one day his wife ran out of shaving cream and asked to borrow his. Undaunted by the leathery chair smell, she swirled it on, shaved her legs, and proclaimed the experience her best shave ever adding, “I wish I had something that worked so well, but didn’t leave me smelling like an old English guy.”

Wanting nothing more than to please his bride, Jesse set out to make his wife’s wish come true and turn an every day shower drudgery into a lusciously yummy experience. So he teamed up with a brilliant product chemist, a top laboratory, and a prestigious manufacturer of women’s body care and cosmetic products and countless test shaves later, his wife’s wish became Whish.

But that was just the beginning of the story. Just as Jesse was diving into this delicious-smelling new world of products, his wife had another little request. Since he had done such a marvelous job with the shaving cream, could he perhaps whip up a whole line of bath products? Maybe something that would leave her entire body as soft as her legs?

Never one to shirk a challenge, Jesse started researching and found that (much to his horror) most bathing products use sulfates as their bubbling, cleansing ingredient. Okay if you’re a car or a load of laundry, but extremely harsh on people. So he looked into natural ingredients like organic shea and raspberry butter, aloe and marigold, organic seaweed and rice bran oil and discovered that not only were they extremely effective, they also smelled delicious, and were gentle and naturally moisturizing.

And so he took all of these amazing ingredients and created a luscious line of scrubs, washes, butters and post sun and glow collections to complete the tip to toe bathing experience. Just another whish, happily granted.

The end? We’ll see...

whishbeauty's story