How To Use

Now that you are a Whish Girl, use these following tips to get the best results.


Body Wash

1. Completely wet the skin with warm water.
2. Apply a small amount (a quarter size) of Body Wash to damp skin with your hands, washcloth or a cleansing ball.
3. Swirl the Body Wash in circular motions across the skin.
4. Rinse the skin with warm water.


Body Scrub

1. Completely wet the skin with warm water.
2. Apply Body Scrub to your hands, loofah, exfoliating brush or gloves.
3. Scrub your body using gentle, circular motions.
4. For a milder exfoliation, use a washcloth to apply the Body Scrub.
5. Use extra product on rough spots, such as heels.


Shave Crave

1. Soak skin in a warm bath or shower.
2. Swirl a quarter size dollop of your favorite Shave Crave (size of a dime for underarm and bikini) to damp skin with fingertips.
3. Always apply the cream in a circular motion, this causes the hair follicles to rise.
4. Shave with the grain in smooth long strokes. For an even smoother and closer shave, or if you just love the feeling of Shave Crave on your skin, re-lather and shave against the grain.


Shave Savour

1. Pump Shave Savour into hands and apply generously to body.
2. Use on all areas where you would prefer to have less hair, extra moisture, and smoother softer skin
3. Apply in the morning after shower, to help lock in moisture and in the evening to slow hair growth and repair skin while you sleep.


Body Butter

1. Generously pump a large dollop of Body Butter to hands.
2. Apply liberally and massage into skin paying particularly close attention to the heels, hands, knees and elbows, where the skin tends to be the driest.



1. This is the last step to perfectly smooth skin.
2. Dispense Flawless (about a quarter size) to hands.
3. Apply to body, paying particularly close attention to those areas most susceptible to ingrown hairs and bumps.
4. Leave and enjoy!