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Frequently Asked Questions

We all know how to shave. But what are the secrets to a really smooth shave?

1. Exfoliate before you shave. This will remove any dead skin that can prevent a close shave and help raise the hairs.
2. Use a shaving cream that creates a great barrier between the skin and the blade to avoid scrapes, cuts, and dryness.

3. Shave first with the grain. If you still feel some stubble, shave again against the grain.


Why does Shave Crave work better than the stuff I buy at the store?

Shaving cream from the store contains propane and alcohol, so instead of softening, it's actually sucking all the moisture out of your skin. Shave crave uses gentle ingredients wherever possible like organic shea butter and natural squalene to deliver an incredibly moisturizing, deliciously lush shave experience.


Why is shave crave better than soap?

Soap creates a very thin foam that may be cleansing your skin, but is in no way moisturizing. Shave crave is made from mild glycerin soap and essential oils that act as a barrier between the razor and your skin protecting it from razor burn while naturally moisturizing naturally.


What works better waxing, shaving, or laser?

It depends on your skin type, and how much time and money you're willing to invest. They can all have great results, however, some skin types simply do not respond well to wax or laser.


What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is one that curls back into the skin creating a painful and unsightly bump.


What do I do about ingrown hairs?

If you wax or laser, make sure to use a post-treatment like Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum to help keep bumps and ingrown hairs from forming. If you shave, we suggest a dense shaving cream like Shave Crave which helps the blade glide smoothly while protecting the skin from nicks and cuts. It also helps to change your blade often and to spot treat any areas that may be prone to bumps with Flawless.


How does Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum work?

Our Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum works by cleaning the pore, weakening the hair follicle, and soothing and smoothing red and irritated skin.


I'm pregnant. Can I use Flawless?

Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum contains willow bark extract - a natural source of salicylic acid that is similar to aspirin. We recommend that you ask your doctor.


What's the fuss about parabens?

Parabens are a preservative widely used in cosmetics and personal care formulations. There have been some studies linking prolonged exposure to some cancers, so Whish does not use them.


What about sodium lauryl sulfate?

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent additive used to cause foaming. It's harsh and drying and is the key ingredient in items like car wash detergent, tub cleaners, and oven cleaners. Because of its foaming properties, sodium lauryl sulfate is also used in many personal care products. Similar to parabens, there have been studies linking prolonged exposure to some cancers, so Whish does not use it.


Are your product bottles made of glass?

I don't want glass in my shower or bath area. We don't want glass in your bath or shower area either. All Whish products are packaged in a thick, clear, plastic which gives the beautiful look of glass but will not break or crack.


Why use an aftershave?

Men have been using aftershave for many years for very good reasons and women should too! We devloped our Shave Savour to seal in moisture and soothe any minor skin irritations after shaving, waxing or laser.


What is the difference between Shave Savour and Flawless?

Both Shave Savour and Flawless inhibit hair regrowth. The key difference is that Flawless is a spot treatment for lip, brow, bikini, and underarm that thins and weakens the hair follicle thereby reducing the likelihood of an ingrown hair. Shave Savour is a whole body treatment that will noticeably reduce hair density and regrowth while also providing replenishing moisture.


What razor should I use?

We suggest the Schick Quattro for women.


How often should I change my blade?

We recommend changing your blade every three uses.