Whish Press Room

About the Brand
12-09-2008 Business Background Summary: "How the Dream Began"
02-17-2009 Business Background Detailed: "From Hi Tech to Hi Touch"
01-12-2010 The Cast of 24 Loves Whish
01-03-2012 Fact Sheet
01-27-2009 Whish Body Brush: "Magic Wand for Soft, Smooth, Skin"
01-27-2009 Shave Crave Shaving Cream: "The Shave You've Been Craving"
02-03-2009 5 Steps to Pampered Perfection: WASH, EXFOLIATE, SHAVE, MOISTURIZE, PERFECT
04-06-2009 Three Whishes Body Wash: "Whish says, Wash, Don't Dry":
05-25-2009 Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel: "Less Fuzz, Smoother Skin!"
01-26-2010 Shave Savour - Enjoy a Smoother, Fuzz-Free Summer
06-01-2010 Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum: "A Whish of Smoothness Granted"
06-01-2010 Flawless Double Blind Clinical Study
07-01-2010 Three Whishes Sugar Scrub: "Say Goodbye to Greasy Oily Skin"
01-01-2012 Whish SPF15 Self Tanner: "Tan Without Tanning"
01-01-2012 Whish Correcting Gel: "A Simple Whish to Take You Back in Time"
01-01-2012 Whish AHA Exfoliating Body Wash: "Dont Be a Flake"
02-01-2012 Whish Prelude Pre-Wax and Shave Serum: "A Prelude to Perfect Skin"
03-31-2013 Three Whishes Body Butter: "Get Pump-ed About Moisturizing"
Professional Products
06-01-2010 Flawless Professional "Get the Bump Out Post Wax or Laser"
08-03-2009 Whish Essential Set: "A Triple Set of Holiday Ready Pumps"
08-17-2009 Three Whishes Gift Collection: "Make All Your Whishes Come True"
01-26-2010 Whish Essential Set - The Perfect Set for a Summer Getaway
02-01-2012 Whish Summer Whishes Collection: "Sunrise, Suntan, Sunset with this Trio"